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Last Activity: 2024-04-30 5:34:41 am Category: GOR
my place
Last Activity: 2021-04-21 12:21:33 am Category: GOR
I have been a Gorean Master very long time...I have owned some not many slaves..huge part of Me has miss the longing to own to control a slaves mind body soul and in time her slaves heart..which I know takes time I do NOT believe in velcor ko'lars I rather be alone as I have been my choice there is a lack of good slaves..alot of subbies pretending to be slaves and when it comes time for them to...
Last Activity: 2019-05-21 3:11:31 pm Category: GOR
Its tough to get attention on this chat sit so maybe a group will hope I have a room here that is called Gorean Chit Chat thats exactly what it is...altho not RP its is always a safe zone for all Everyone is welcome to voice their opinions respectfully...I have been part of Gor for 25+ years..began with RP'ing but I have found that its become RP but more I belong to a family all in a Gorean way...

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