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Gorean Common Laws

Started by Iskander, 2018-09-30 12:35:50 am
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Posted 2018-09-30 12:35:50 am

These are the Common Laws of Gor, To break them has consequences.


  • Free Women that enter the “Trading Post” shall state an Escort. *

“ Walks in the Trading Post with My  Guards Harry and Jimmy following close behind…..”

  • Free Women have the options of facial veils as this is *NOT a city.
  • To Face strip a Woman without cause is a serious crime
  • Collared slaves shall have the security of their ‘Home and personal “collars
  • slaves will serve, no picking and choosing who, Free will be served,
  • Free will conduct themselves with in the realms of their Caste. 
  • Couching or excessive cuddling and coddling of slaves could result in the Free receiving a collar
  • Free Men shall not touch any Free Woman, without the Free Womans consent.
  • In this room, it does NOT stop to greet every person that enters, and leaves, NO goodbyes and No Welcome backs.. You enter and join in, then greet as you meet in roleplay
  • The use of this ooc )))) is banned. if you speak, then you speak.
  • what happens in open room is accountable.