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Group: Gorean Chit Chat

Category: GOR
Created: 2019-05-21 3:11:31 pm
Last Activity: 2019-05-21 3:11:31 pm
Members: 8
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Lastest Member: Wolfievamp2003
About Us
Its tough to get attention on this chat sit so maybe a group will hope I have a room here that is called Gorean Chit Chat thats exactly what it is...altho not RP its is always a safe zone for all Everyone is welcome to voice their opinions respectfully...I have been part of Gor for 25+ years..began with RP'ing but I have found that its become RP but more I belong to a family all in a Gorean way with a splash of Real Life..behind the scenes is that at all makes sense..But besides RP'ing its nice to have debates discussions still on the topic of Gor of course and perhaps how it does effect your and off?
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