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Drowning in Data

Started by darowel, 2024-02-14 3:44:59 am
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Posted 2024-02-14 3:44:59 am

As a data analyst at a retail company, I'm struggling to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data we collect. We recently migrated our systems to the cloud which gave us access to richer insights but it's become paralyzing. I could really benefit from any blog suggestions on best practices for structuring and navigating cloud-based data to drive informed business decisions. Please send over any recommendations!

Topics: 1
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Posted 2024-03-05 3:33:19 am

Oh I feel your pain on drowning in data insights after that cloud migration! When my boutique expanded to multiple stores, accessing richer customer purchase data suddenly overwhelmed our small marketing team rather than empowering us. We flailed trying to harness it all until discovering A Developer’s Journey’s savvy blog guide on . Its structured approach to identifying business priorities first, then mapping appropriate data sources and metrics finally illuminated the path. The “Start with Why” principle especially resonated - instead of leaping to data collection, clearly align analytics goals to decisions that drive growth. Just like how focusing my mindset shapes my morning routine better than following random to-do lists. Defining purpose channels information overload into targeted impact! Here’s to sharpening your clarity on which key data unlocks customers and profits!

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