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Latest Issues

2013-10-08 7:55:29 pm

It's been a rather hectic few days, as I'm sure everyone is well aware. We'd like to start this post by thanking you all extensively for your patience and loyalty throughout this; we have been working non-stop to ensure you all have a reliable, safe service back online.

On October 3rd, one of our main servers was unfortunately compromised. The individuals responsible succesfully uploaded a page to to demonstrate this, which some of you may have seen. As a result, we acted quickly to spin up (put online) two brand new servers and work to move 11 years worth of data across - no easy task under the best of circumstances! Due to the nature of the breach experienced, we had no choice but to push forward with the new site which you're currently seeing considerably earlier than we had initially planned. We ask once more for your patience while we rapidly work to develop the features which are not yet working, and seek to rectify any bugs which you may encounter while using the new site. 

We were also forced to take the measure of resetting all user passwords, as we could not be absolutely sure that the individuals responsible were not able to access this data. While this may well be frustrating for you to have to go through, we did this for your security and we ask once more for your patience and understanding. 

Currently, we have a functional website which offers a considerably more seamless experience than the previous rendition, alongside an upgraded chat server which should provide greater stability and control than before.

Finally, on behalf of the senior management team at Buzzen, we'd like to thank each and every one of you for sticking with us throughout. We look forward to being able to showcase exactly what Buzzen has to offer in the upcoming days and weeks!

- Jay, Karen, Mohamed, Mike & Nathan