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Last Activity: 2019-11-01 7:48:55 pm Category: Lifestyles
This is the place
Last Activity: 2019-05-22 3:01:36 am Category: Lifestyles
To support all those with depression
Last Activity: 2021-04-21 12:21:33 am Category: GOR
I have been a Gorean Master very long time...I have owned some not many slaves..huge part of Me has miss the longing to own to control a slaves mind body soul and in time her slaves heart..which I know takes time I do NOT believe in velcor ko'lars I rather be alone as I have been my choice there is a lack of good slaves..alot of subbies pretending to be slaves and when it comes time for them to...
Last Activity: 2019-05-21 3:11:31 pm Category: GOR
Its tough to get attention on this chat sit so maybe a group will hope I have a room here that is called Gorean Chit Chat thats exactly what it is...altho not RP its is always a safe zone for all Everyone is welcome to voice their opinions respectfully...I have been part of Gor for 25+ years..began with RP'ing but I have found that its become RP but more I belong to a family all in a Gorean way...
Last Activity: 2019-03-07 10:00:32 pm Category: Religion & Beliefs
General Information of Catholic Chats for Host Codes Room Key Etc. Catholic Chat Is InVite Only Code to enter Chat is 12345
Last Activity: 2019-06-23 7:07:40 am Category: Hobbies & Crafts
Last Activity: 2024-01-29 4:17:51 pm Category: Lifestyles
PLEASE NOTE: The trading post is here for all to roleplay their caste, learn and enjoy Gor This is Gor where Actions = Consequence, You will be held accountable. The Room is "NO ZONES", but every conflict or action will be judged for clarification. When You enter, wait! see what the roleplay is going on , then roleplay Your self into the room and have fun The room will NOT stop, for greets,...
Last Activity: 2018-05-22 10:35:49 pm Category: Roleplay
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