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2013-12-02 2:58:35 pm
The profiles are now updated to include latest blog entries as well as latest album pictures added. If you have set either you blog entry or album to private only your friends will see them. Otherwise only public entries and pictures will be displayed if any.
2013-11-10 11:26:23 pm
We have added a new feature to our Picture Albums. You can now view the individual details of each picture by clicking on "View Details". This page will allow you to comment on the image if you are logged in and on their friend's list. You can also track the latest comments to your pictures on your My Buzzen homepage. More to come
2013-11-05 12:22:56 am
Buzzen user blogs are now back. We have moved over all of your old blog posts to the new system. The listing of the latest blogs is located at and you can access your own blog by selecting My Blog from the My Account dropdown menu. As always if you have any problems or ideas about improving our services please let us know.
2013-10-31 5:55:23 pm
Welcome Sizzle Radio (, our New Buzzen Radio station!! Links and other advertising will be done in the next few days! In the meantime we have put the icon (speaker) on the options bar in all chat rooms for tuning in! We hope you all enjoy!
2013-10-29 9:03:29 pm
You can now look at the latest photos added to user albums. It will only list public albums so if you have any albums you only want friends to see you should make them private in the album management area. You can view the new page at or access it from your Features drop down menu. More to come  
  • viola1: For some reason, my Buzzen page went blank. What happened?
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  • romanticone: gosh you've got me, sorry. can you sign into any rooms at all?]
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: Yes. Have cleared out my cache and files. Still nothing. I wrote to the help desk and they didn't...
  • romanticone: have you tried to sign out and then sign back in?
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: I still cannot get into chat rooms. The only thing I haven't done is stand on my head.