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~Chaotic~ (Bite me, *)
Female - 47 years old, Somewhere in Tacoma, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Divorced

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Geeky as shit.

Liberal as fuck.

Feminist as hell. 

Kinky as assbutt.


Slytherin in the streets, bogart in the sheets. 

Oh yeah, also outspoken brat type. 


You have been warned.



(And if you get the assbutt reference, bonus points)


If you deny climate change is affected by humans, hold racist, sexist and/or homo/transphobic views, claim vaccines cause more autism or are evil, think "illegals" are scamming millions of benefits, shout that we need a wall and that family seperations and concentration camps in America are ok, voted Trump and back the current GOP, think the earth is flat.....yeah, I am not your type....just out yourself now and save us both the hassle. 

And to preserve this for eternity:

daz : dancing pickledancing pickle prezzie fa yaecho

🏈CоώвоӱsҒẫη🏈 : Were I unwed I would take you in a manly fashion 


(In regards to cats)

[07:15a] ozbossthewurzel : i could sell em

[07:15a] ~Chaotic~ : nope

[07:15a] ~Chaotic~ : I would cut a ball off if ya did

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I asked Satan where he would prefer to have sex... 

[01:15p] SantaClaus : I prefer at the bottom of an ocean trench. lol