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Current Mood: Mellow
Wyn_really (Wyn, *)
Female - 33 years old, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

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I am more likely to sit quietly than to take a very active part in the room.  That should not be interpreted as an invitation to whisper, as I am not a big whisperer, either.

Like any number of others here, both female and male, I made an effort to include a photo in this profile.  If we are to have any conversation at all, you should do the same.  It's a painless process, and there are hundreds if not thousands of chat souls who are either more or less attractive than you and I, so let's get over ourselves, OK?

Regarding whispers, here are just a few of the reasons why I may not respond:

1.  You have no photo in your profile (have you read the second paragraph of MY profile?).

2.  You have appeared out of the blue and appear to expect that every woman in chat has been breathlessly awaiting your unannounced whisper.  WRONG!

3.  I just don't care to whisper at the time; don't take it personally.

4.  I was away from the computer when your request came, and I don't routinely scroll back to see what I've missed.

5.  Cyber is vastly over-rated.

Just so you won't have to ask, "Wyn" is short for "La'Wynne," the name given me by my mother.  I suppose she was going through her French or Italian phase.   Who knows?