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Current Mood: Happy
Female - 66 years old, Alberta ( Edmonton ), Canada
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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" It's the little things that count"  chat smile

"life is like a"garden ~ you reap what you sow"chat smile

I realize  I don't have to be perfect.  All I have to do is show up and enjoy the messy, imperfect journey of my life" chat smile

A "friend" is someone who gives you the total freedom to be yourself"

I don't care how attractive you THINK you are....if you have an ugly are UGLY!!





Music... yes!  Dontcha find that hearing a song can bring you back to a place, a  person, a memory? I do!  I love to sing karaoke ~i've got music on a lot of the time.  I enjoy the Relay- radio DJ's ... quite often you will see my emotes dancing thru the room to the music that one of the great  Relay-Radio  Djs is playing. 

Who I am in chat is who I am in person.... I love to laugh...I love to make you laugh... im too honest and a bit outrageous at times.  Sometimes I surprise  myself at something ive said...hahaha...thats ok...  I enjoy chatting!  I won the Chatterbox award in 2020 - nothing shy about me!

~ I am fun and easy going but dont mistake my kindess as weakness because i can be a bitch if you piss me off !  Just sayin'  I like most of the people I chat with...but I do know where the iggy button is if need be  chat smile

Please do not whisper wanting a private conversation aka Cyber sex..NOT my thing!


Please  DO NOT  whisper if you havent asked me in the room first!

I love the way you touch me without actually  touching me  chat smile

Sometimes in the middle of an Ordinary lifechat hands you a fairy tale ~a quote I had on my msn profile..  Michael Faltyn wrote and recorded a song made from this quote chat smile

One song can bring back a thousand memories

~~  ...just sharing a bit about me....    Maybe some crazy thing I have said in the chat room has made you laugh or smile glad...we all need to laugh and smile smile

P.S. Don't take everything I say seriously - I like to joke around a lot 


    ☯ N€O â˜¯ : Dee is wild and free. She's the gal I love to see. Dee is tender Dee is kind. She is a awesome find. It's her heart I hope to unlock because she really does rock______an original poem from the keyboard of NEO

~~ lovely NEO ty


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