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~Dee❣Dee~ (Dee, *)
Female - Alberta ( Edmonton ), Canada
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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Hi everyone,  well, New year, New profile!!  2020 sucked ( and not in a good way ) and now 2021 is looking a lot like 2020.  Im staying home...respecting the restrictions!  So thankful to have chat to keep me semi- normal.  I enjoy chatting with most of you..ones I don't, that's fine..I know where the iggy button is  chat smile  

Music is my passion -  love the Buzzen DJ's!  You will quite often see me dancing my hoofies off -  emotes across the screen  chat smile  I love to sing karaoke but with this virus lurking I havent been able to.  I enjoy a lot of the oldies...  70s, 80s..  a good friend is getting me interested  in some of the newer tunes. Thank you Anja!  

Who I am in chat is who I am in person.   I love to laugh, am too honest...  I enjoy chatting and talking in person...  I won the Chatterbox award in 2020 - nothing shy about me  ...hahaha...  I am fun and easy going but dont mistake my kindess as weakness because i can be a bitch if you piss me off !  Just sayin'  

Please do not whisper wanting a private conversation aka Cyber sex..NOT my thing!


Please  DO NOT  whisper if you havent asked me first in the room!  

I love the way you touch me without actually  touching me  chat smile

Sometimes in the middle of an Ordinary hands you a fairy tale  chat smile

One song can bring back a thousand memories  chat smile

When someone "unfriends" you, its like the garbage has taken itself out  chat smile

~~   Thank you if you have taken the time to read this lengthy profile...just sharing a bit about me....    Maybe some crazy thing I have said in the chat room has made you laugh or smile glad...we all need to laugh and smile smile

P.S. Don't take everything I say seriously - I like to joke around a lot in chat!

~~ you are my sweet addiction~~ chat smile

~~"she has me well trained"~~ he sure knows how to make me laugh chat smile