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Current Mood: Thankful
JudasW (Judas, *)
Male - 61 years old, Asperiche, Australia
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: n/a

Updated: 2021-01-10 3:12:53 am Viewed 1,436 times Likes 8

 I am the HoC of Asperiche, Don't like what I do ~ go tell someone who gives a shit.

I earned My tags didn't make em up, so wanna try step right up 

HoC of Asperiche.

FC to Petra for life. Owner of kara (retired) always

Owner of shayJUDAS, 

I always carry 3' long sword across My back, short sword, shield, helmet, and My treasured dagger. I carry a travel sack full of stuff.

 Tarn,  "Thunder Wing"

kialla named"Ken"

 Life isn't what You make it, but how You avoid what others make it