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Bâsħîr¤PĦ¥¤ÇPؤÀdm (Bashir, Artimidorous)
Male - City of Port Olni, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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Administrator of the City of Port Olni. Caste Leader of the Physicians, Appointed by TW on May 27, 2008. Brother of Phelan and Thunderwolf.

Standing 6'8" at 275 lbs. Carries capture darts, binding fiber, and collars on My belt. On my right hip is an 18ft braided whip with 5 falls at the tail. A Quiva on my left hip. Uses a 6ft walking stick made of Tem Wood when on walkabout.

Recognized Physicians: Myself, Jazire, and Sascha.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

“Though one is commonly born into a Caste one is often not permitted to practice the caste craft until a suitable apprenticeship has been served.” (Fighting Slave of Gor)

“A notable exception to the generalization that women of a given caste normally do not engage in caste work is the Caste of Physicians, whose women are commonly trained, as are the boys, in the practice of medicine. Even the physicians, however, normally do not admit their women to full practice until they have borne two children.” (Fighting Slave of Gor)


If you have doubts, or questions about the Caste of Physicians, feel free to contact Me. The best source of information on Gor is to read the books. 


Those who are dishonored are without integrity, and will be ignored.


No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.


You can't have one without the other: "Honor" is what you have when everyone is looking but "Integrity" is what you have when no one is looking. - Michael Gibson


Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.


Quoth the raven: "Nevermore"


In order to have high intelligence, once must also have common sense. Therin lies wisdom.


In recent times, we have experienced behavior unbecoming in Goreans, specifically the inability to separate reality from fantasy, and the ability to keep ones word. In Gor, your word is your honor. If you are untrue to your word, you are dishonorable. When you try to bring an out of character issue into roleplay, you look silly.


A last observation having to do with the tendency of some Goreans to accept illusions and such as reality is that the Gorean tends to take such things as honor and truth very seriously. Given his culture and background, his values, he is often easier to impose upon than would be many others. For example, he is likely, at least upon occasion, to be an easier mark for the fraud and charletan than a more suspicious, cynical fellow. On the other hand, I do not encourage lying to Goreans. They do not like it - Magicians


But, why? I asked myself. Should not, rather, one be more ashamed by deceit than the truth? Can there truly be a greater honor in hypocrisy than in honor? It does not seem so - Guardsman


The 97th Aphorism in the Codes I was taught,” I said, “is in the form of a riddle: “What is invisible but more beautiful than diamonds?”
“And the answer?” inquired Labienus.
“That which is silent but deafens thunder.”
The men regarded one another.
“And what is that?” asked Labienus.
“The same,” said I, “as that which depresses no scale but is weightier than gold.”
“And what is that?” asked Labienus.
“Honor,” I said.


"There are no mere points of honor" - Vagabonds


"It is seldom wise, incidentally, to impugn, or attempt to manipulate, the honor of a Gorean." - Mercenaries


Honor is important to Goreans, in a way that those of Earth might find hard to understand; for example, those of Earth find it natural that men should go to war over matters of gold and riches, but not honor; the Gorean, contrariwise, is more willing to submit matters of honor to the adjudication of steel than he is matters of riches and gold; there is a simple explanation for this; honor is more important to him - Beasts.


I had a respect for caste honor. Honor was honor, in small things as well as great. Indeed, how can one practice honor in great things, if not in small things?


The collar, by Gorean law, cancelled the past. When Sarpedon had locked his collar on her throat her past as a free woman had vanished, her current history as a slave had begun. - Tribesmen


On Gor a slave, not being legally a person, does not have a name in his own right, just as, on earth, our domestic animals, not being persons before the law, do not have names. That name which he has had from birth, by which he has called himself and knows himself, that name which is so much a part of his own conception of himself, of his own true and most intimate identity, is suddenly gone. - Outlaw