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Current Mood: Energetic
Evangelist†Bethel† 7771 (Evangelist Reverend EulaFaye, *)
Female - 77 years old, Sweet Home, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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chat smileHi, ....I'm Evangelist Revernd ( Sis Bethel Faye)I am ordain in the State of oregon to do any works of all the works a Pastor, evangelist, Teacher, Over 45 years of music, singing and play A Panio,Accordance, keyboard, harp-Cord/ Southern Gospel is my roots. but chat smile all music, if it glorifiy God of our Father, Jesus his son & Holy Ghost, the Trininty Godhead.[/font] rn I injoy the outdoors, gardening, swining, dancing, praises, singing, telling other about Jesus & wining soul in the kingdom of heaven.Know there is a heaven & A hell for real according the holy Bible.I[/font] rn I love spending time in reading & studing the favorite Book, sent from smile[/font]My in Interests in the Word of God , the Holy Bible, people, living a holy life. lending a helping hands to my brother & sisters in prayer, & in deed.[/font] rn Showing someone the way to heaven, thru Jesus Christ, the good master.Having the holy Spirit, loving the lost and dying to Jesus, the savior of the World.[/font]chat smileI love Singing for JesusI                                                               love to Play panio,                                                                          Keyboard,                                                                           Accordia, HarpCord,                                                                           Gardening...being outdoors, Swiming, being with my Children and spending time with My wonderful husband. Spending time in Prayer, Going to the House of God. The sanctuaryChapel[/font] rn Chating with my Christian friend, sister & brother in the Lord J[/font]esus Christ.:-)[/font] rn Love all mankind. for God make all things. Red & yelow, black or white ,they are preicse in his sight[/font] rn Preaching the Holy Word of God[/font]:-):-O1 Peter 5:7..."casting all our cares on him, for he cares for U! chat smilern