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Anee§ha~FC~Talarius~Helisto's Profile

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Anee§ha~FC~Talarius~Helisto (Anee§ha, Scribe)
Female - 98 years old, Helisto ~ Gor, United Kingdom
Relationship Status: Married

Updated: 2019-07-06 8:55:38 pm Viewed 1,397 times Likes 11

Anee§ha is Scribe & Free Companion to Talarius~Scribe of the Isle of Helisto, She is also MoSP of the Isle

They Own the slaves tasha, fg of the Isle of Heliso and of House of Talarius & filigree and eshani, all three are slaves of Our House .  each are unique and are not for sale  .. 


and Aneesha remembers with fondness the Sisters of Benevolent Mayhem .. . such fun..but they are fond memories and now will only remain so !! 


And so hold on when there is nothing in You ..except the Will which says to Them: "Hold on"


The song played as I walked down the aisle to marry Him real life....22nd Sept 2018, and the Him?  Talarius of course ~smiles~



and once the deed was done We proudly walked from the marriage vows to this ..the words are the important part .. ~smiles~