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As Darkness Creeps

Current Mood: Melancholy
shydiscrete1 (Beautifully , Broken)
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Posted: 2019-07-24 10:25:28 pm Category General Viewed 398 times Likes 1

As the dark depths of the hidden places, the darkness creeps beyond its usual realm. Unnoticed as the power of the sunshine shines brightly, and the everyday stressors seem small and bleak. As shadows begin to grow and the sunshine begins to dim, the power of the darkness begins to strengthen. Keeping your mind busy, your thoughts away from the pending turmoil the plagues your heart, trying to find some way to keep your mind, body and soul from being consumed from the epitome from the darkness that will eventually consume you.

As days go by watching your surroundings of your life change, keeping memories as fresh as they can be, remembering all there is to remember, enjoying the good times, reminiscing over the bad times. Sharing everything you can with the loved ones you have around you.

As the darkness further takes over the sunshine begins to dim and fade, pain and heartache is replaced with what you once felt with love and warmth. Fighting to keep the sunshine within the place you once knew as your normal life.

As the last of the sunshine dims into the abyss, the darkness overtakes everything you have known. Wetness builds within your senses, releases and streams from your clouded eyes. Sorrow fills your heart and your mind, not ready to let go, not ready to say good-bye, not ready to be last you will hear their voice. Wishing there was a cure, Wishing there was a breakthrough, Wishing there was something more that could have been done, Wishing it was someone else.

Wishing in the last breath they heard your words…..

I will never forget….I love you.

2019-07-25 11:03:09 am
So very nice