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shydiscrete1 (Beautifully , Broken)
Female - 49 years old, *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
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Posted: 2019-10-20 10:52:32 am Category General Viewed 487 times Likes 7

She seeks but has not yet been found. The form of pleasure hides within her realm. No classifications, no levels of endearment. Yet she sits waiting to be found. The darkness creeps closer to her sunlight, as her views of pleasure slips away. The Master, The Dom, the slave, the submissive, the pleasure that holds within, waiting to be found. The form of pure nakedness, the form of true bearing that is locked deep within, waiting to be found. She serves for the pleasure, not for what is rewarded, not for what is given physically, but serves for the mere pleasure of giving. Love thy Master/Dom, slave/submissive is an emotional bonus to self-gratification to the power of sophistication. She thrives on the pleasures of Respect and Loyalty…waiting to be found.

2019-12-28 4:11:53 pm
The question lies within the eye of the beholder. What ever is waiting to be found, is deep within ones self. If it be in chat, online, or in real life, the answer lies within.
2019-12-28 4:30:44 pm
that would be for the individual to answer themselves
2019-12-28 4:36:53 pm
Im glad I was able to give insight Sir