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Current Mood: Melancholy
beautiful~disaster (Beautifully , Broken)
Female - 49 years old, *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

Posted: 2020-09-26 7:23:07 pm Category Lifestyle Viewed 302 times Likes 4

Innocent and polite, pure but knowledgeable in a world of what she knows well. A world she has enchanted with her obedience and pleasure. Forever seeking the pleasures to give, and never asking for return. Keeping her safe withing the confines of which she holds true. A mystery to most, allowing only what needs to be said, her only true self buried deep within the chambers of her soul.

He looks deep within his knowledge feeling the silent connection of what he knows. Testing his will of control, the song of what she speaks mesmerizing in which the strongest of men get lost. His inner self connects with innocence before him on levels in which he does not know.

He stands before her, as his eyes pierce through the portals of her soul, offering a dark adventure. Offering her more than what she knows, he sees deep within the darkness that craves to grow, craves to be so much more than she allows it to be. A mystery to her thoughts, ignoring the starving nature of herself to be fed, the strength of what dwells inside, he craves to unleash the darkness, as he sees which no one else does.

Curiosity sparks a hidden flame deep within her soul. As her fear of the unknown keeps her standing within the confines of what she knows. Trust of the darkness of what he speaks, temptation reaches for her delicate but nieve frame. Her instincts telling her to run, but the darkness within stirs as his words speak truths of the world she has come to know and love. Giving pleasure is what she seeks for nothing in return, the world in unforgiving. Knowing what he promises will open a world to what her heart is calling for, but what her mind is scared of. Making the mixture of feelings of lost, confusion, excitement, and curiosity slamming her soul at once.

Wanting to stay true to what she knows, feeling the passion and the servitude of what is desired, one step forward. One step closer to his world, to him, to what he promises. Her heart beats deafening, the warmth she begins to feel, the sensations rise deep within from places that laid silent and dead.

Just as she arises, embraces the silent cries that were ignored. He, the holder of the promises of such awakening, grows darker and silent. Vanishes. No words, no guidance, no reasonings. Evaporating into the abyss in which he came. Leaving her lost, questioning, and wondering. Wondering soul of no place, questioning mere existence, lost to the confines of a world that did not want her.

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2020-09-26 8:57:13 pm
Well written and enjoyed reading it.
2020-09-26 8:59:00 pm
Thank you