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Current Mood: Balanced
Female - 42 years old, *, Australia
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Married

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Когда я был бойцом, барабаны, которые они били, Люди разбрасывали золотую пыль перед ногами моей лошади; Но теперь я великий король, люди гонят мой след С ядом в моей чашке с вином и кинжалами за моей спиной

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ i buy high quality bras and ROLL my tits up like a burrito before shoving them in while bent at the waist

☕️cυρριє☕ had to unignore Fooker cause people were laughing about things he said

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : id have to like a person an awful lot to let him pee on me

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : i keep on forgetting that just because i cant hear my farts when im wearing headphones, doesnt mean no one else can.

☕️cυρριє☕ : i vaue having a white kitchen that doesnt look like someone set it on fire

CreamScones : i went with a girlfriend to an Adult store this one time....

Ѕίѕѕỳ™ : i know all guys cock size in chat

Duality : netta a relationship with me would involve talking about poop occasionally

Italian___LA : yes i am dick head

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : a dildo is an investment, down... try it

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : everything about me is buoyant now... but back when i was 18, it was mostly my tits. yep

CreamScones : i would only want to see him suck himself!

𝐉𝒖𝓭𝐲𝘼ƞȵ : i have seen lots of balls in my time

crashedNburnt : I'm not worth it belive me

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : i WISH semen tasted like peanut butter

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : hell, im too picky about personalities and brains to get too fussy about the cock

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : if his cock is small just sit on his face

вłὄᾧὗʀмἷᾗḋ : TALI Thank you for the music ... rain check on the BJ ... ok? lol

♬NeTTa♬ : Well I’m not having butt sex so there is that

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : romantic = swapping dentures during foreplay.....lmao hahahaha

💎GlιÑ‚Ñ‚εяs💎™ : Fooker is really a nice man no matter how he acts in chat lol

💋●CreamScones●😜 : i prayed that he would something i don't think i have ever said....

TrashyKitten : i'm going to call it a night too......i hate it when i loose my princess dress at the stroke of midnight!

вłὄᾧὗʀмἷᾗḋ : first week i was in Oz ... i was at a party ... and this gay dude really wanted to give me head

💋●CreamScones●😜 : i accidentally visited two nude beachs

Dark_Lord_☠ : oh damn thats right damn me and my tiny penis

Đęę â£ ÄÄ™Ä™ : deosnt want anyone peeing on me....but will pee on him if thats his thing

HotTomalies : i was giving a midget a blow job in the dark it slipped out my mouth n pioked me in the eye i had a black eye

Anja : id think it would be weird sucking fake tits

♦Ĉářđį♦ : so you are going to give her lots of hot dick lmao

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : yes it is true i got more cleveage in my ass cheeks

ŚƥũňķŷMōũšÄ› doesnt spit...well not out the mouth

ŚƥũňķŷMōũšÄ› : i was a man in my last life

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : i cannot bend over

sheneda : memphis is mixed up

Anja : just keep drinking, you wont feel it then

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : omg rylcrwn hello i had 6 men here yestesday 


ŚƥũňķŷMōũšÄ› : porch....what is flicking the bean mean

CreamScones🎃 : and i wanted to see memphis' bum

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : i need my breasts massaged first

 ð‰udge _𝐉udy™ : so anwyay i have decided in chat no more pretty penis kitten its a beautiful penis why? because youy want to suck a nice circumsized cock with good length looks smooth and nice in colour that is mouth watering

Italian___LA : i wanna get spanked

hotsmoothjosh2 : my penis gets in the way of my keyboard

♦Ĉářđį♦ : i could think of better things to do than slobber on a cock

TrashyKitten : nothing wrong with a bit of gravy between the legs and cheese curds

vilÄ“_villคງēງirl : am off my face

vilÄ“_villคງēງirl : Miss p, get fuct

Ѕіѕѕуρіе™ : i can b cute and violent lol

💘Ĉħèŕŕŷ💘 : no wonder santa has a large sack...if he only cums once a year

EastCoastMale_01 : ill suck my own dick

ŚƥũňķŷMōũšÄ› : i wana pic of joshes dickie bird

Sailent_Nyght❄️ : i am 60 mins older Dessa was breech and had to be turned..... which explains her KIss My Ass attitude

Villคງēງirl : id bone englebert

hotsmoothjosh2 : that's enough cock talk tyvm lol

AVLEE : I can whack off with both hands

♬NeTTa♬ : its sad when you fall asleep masterbating

CreamScones : man can not um.....lick you and have his penis in you at the same time.....sooooooo


ŚƥũňķŷMōũšÄ› I think id rather see him without clothes on..... chat smile

🎤ĤïŝŝŸðŸðŸŽ§ wants Echo to tie him to a bed and bang him with a strapon 

Villagegirl : im a refined lady ty

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : i dont want a dick for my bday

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : im a bit over this dick business

CreamScones : I have a brain........can't type for shit...but i can think

♬NeTTa♬ : mario would you put a band aid on my boo boo

SΐηgÅ‚εDÄ…dεεε : Hes one of them long haired hippy type pinko fags. I bet hes got one of them communist flags. Tscked up inside of his garage

Villagegirl : nothign sexier than lookin out the winder and watching ya mans buns cooking on the bbq while wearing rugby shorts ...

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : fuck being a lady today

AVLEE : cheryl.. I agree.. and keep in mind I am a connoisseur of penis

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : im only rough in bed

AVLEE : penelope, you are why I keep them off.

♔ℒ𝒶𝒹𝓎𝓓𝑖🖤 : i will skillet your fucking dick asshole outta my box

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : if a guy mastrubates twice a day i dont mind least he is leaving me

 ð‰udge _𝐉udy™ i need to learn to relax my legs and put out more

♔ℒ𝒶𝒹𝓎𝓓𝑖🖤 : im a hopeless romantic with a sailor mouth

ŚƥũňķŷMōũšÄ› : i thort i was rough til i talked to vg

on the phone

ŚƥũňķŷMōũšÄ› : i was actually quite shocked

♬NeTTa♬ : i can only say that i havent sucked a fake penis

roid sans,tahoma; font-size:14px">hotsmoothjosh2 : oz tried to get me under the mistletoe, but I was wise to him

CreamScones : tart huh snakey......missp isn't here yet?

MelliMuffin : oh I'm self admittedly not like a normal lady

HardtoHandle : I never rule out the possibility that the entire room is iggying me lol

C͓̽Å͓̽R͓̽Ď͓̽Í͓̽ : i think i am gunna get a pair of my dirty undies and gag shithead

Ƭяιcια∘Aη : nothing wrong with marathon sex

Ƭяιcια∘Aη : lol Miss P.. you made me laugh and blow a booger out of my nose.. brb

Chaotic~ : sodomize yourself with a deep fried hot dog of love!

Ƭяιcια∘Aη : your hair just needs to be long enough for your partner to pull it

вłὄᾧὗʀмἷᾗḋ : thought I'd do better but barely lasted lol

Ƭяιcια∘Aη : no such thing as an ugly man after enough drinks

ĈгeąɱŚcôÅ‹eÅŸ™ : I would be a complete slut if i was single

anon : peeing through ytour girlfriends legs in the shower requires marksmanship else youll get punched

AVLEE : fuck off Penelope

Italian___LA : miss P did you see all the women go crazy when i moaned 

Seonid_Sascha : we all have a history. i must admit i have woken up on my fair share of futons surrounded by naked strangers

Villagegirl : you know the ice is broken when u fart during sex

Ͼ͟Λ͟Я͟ÐÍŸÅ‚ : cock is so overrated

 Villagegirl : u ever been drinking at the pub then go to the ladies room and look at yerself in the mirror with those harsh lights on ? and think omg i look like a drag queen  

AVLEE : ok where is miles, I am ready for him to make me orgasm

𝐉udge _𝐉udy™ : i want to see some of you males in chat have a slap cock off

Villagegirl : lol judy ... lay on the couch seductively with a doiley covering my hoo hoo

Ͼ͟Λ͟Я͟ÐÍŸÅ‚ : i squatted in the lucerne patch one night and shithead fell over top of me

Villagegirl : me and my hubs did it in the toilet of a bakery once ... way b4 we had kids

вłὄᾧὗʀмἷᾗḋ : i wanted to see the dancing penis!

Ťrícíå_ån : yeah the kitchen table is meant for sex... its the right height

AVLEE : all you need to do is unzip, I will lift my skirt