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DamienThorn's Profile

Current Mood: Devilish
DamienThorn (*Damien, *Thorne)
Male - *Hell, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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I arrogate the possession of your heart without compunction or regret because I covet
What is inherently transcendently beautiful, and the beauty of your heart is without equal or measure.
To want such beauty though another's is intrinsic to my flawed nature. 

 Tell me you love me and though it's not true, through your adriot emotional alchemist ways, transmogrify mendacity into sublimity and bend reality to my will.

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I believe in pragmatic skepticism, personal autonomy, rational reciprocity, intellection, and curiosity

I am an iconoclast.

I kneel before nothing, bow to no man or god

i am a musician and have been for 45 years. Had nerve surgery on my left fretting hand but I persisted like I always do

I love to write romantic poetry and obviously write music as well as art.

I am facinated by astrophysics which is my hobby.

I am curious beyond belief and I will die before giving up

empathy,and  reason