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Emela (Emela, *)
Female - 40 years old, Tharna, United States
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: n/a

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My name is Emela.  It means hope.  I was the last 'hope' to keep our dying City alive.  I was kept in hiding for a large portion of My life, in hopes that one day I would be able to rule and reign over the great City of Tharna as Tatrix.  I was raised to know My place in this world, a Mans world, yet for Me it would be a Womans world.  Having reached the age in which I can take My position I have returned to Tharna.  I am not niave to the world I live in, a world run by Men.  I am not niave to the fact many would love to see a Woman, much less a Tatrix fall to Her knees.  

The old ways of Tharna have not been lost on Me.  However the days of hiding behind a Golden Mask are gone.  I will not hide.  I may have a gentle touch, but I am far from weak.  I may speak softly at times, but My tongue is sharp.  

(more to come as time permits)