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Male - 54 years old, traveling, United States
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  This is my Gorean personna although it has been a long time since i have visited homes.

  My father was a Torvy merchant, my mother a dustleg savage both are deceased. I stand 5'10" tall and weigh in at 235# , i have a 26 inch reach when fighting bare knuckle. My prefered weapons are the sabre  35 3/4 inches oal, 30 inch blade with a 12 inch sharpened back false edge, a torvy single edged seax knife with a 13 inch blade. a heavy bladed hunting knife. My hornbow 48inch long strung 30 inch draw, with a 140# draw weight, lasso on my saddle and a 8 foot long spear/lance, when mounted i use a 12 foot lance.When mounted i ride one of 2 war trained Kaiila, usually leading the 2nd for long distance riding. and war/hunting occurances. I carry a metal round shield 24 inch diameter with a center hand grip, helm with chain camail.
I am the owner of Dramas End Trading. 
Currently also operate the old Torvalds trading post as my own since the leaving of Dorrack.I work as a master bowyer/fletcher, can also do leather work including saddlery, tanning and skinning.  Also dabble with wood carving mainly small storage boxes for jewelry etc. I was given command of Tok's Ar Station fleet, also command a fleet upon the Thassa based in Torvaldsland plying the coast lines and islands. The Trading company maintains 2 overland docking points on the Vosk just prior to the delta region. I am a RETIRED cavalry man, the weapons are still carried as it is usually suicide to travel without some form of defense. I claim no caste as my father's people nor my mother's use the system, for those whom have given me grief in the past and possible future, deal with it or leave me alone.  With Tok's return i have relinquished control to him once more and plan to focus more on the trade post and my children. Due to real time issues for Tok i have received command of his holdings once more INCLUDING the protection of his slaves and i mean ALL. upon his return when he is able control will revert to Tok once more.

  I have 2 children whose mother is deceased their names are Balik my son and Daya my daughter they reside at the trading post although they sometimes travel to a safe zone as npc's if npc's are allowed. My age has been stabilized at 54 yrs.