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Faelinyx (Faeline, *Nyx)
Female - 32 years old, Chambana, United States
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: n/a

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Faelinyx is a name I created in 2017, to represent my primal spirits: Fae + Faline (for feline, to represent the panther and kitten) + Phoenyx.

My core is that of a phoenix. I periodically self-destruct, only to rise from the ashes again -- better, refreshed, renewed.
My spirit, on the other a panther. Fierce, strong, carnivorous...feline.




Before I tell you a bit about myself personally, I'm going to explain my relationship status a bit. Essentially, I consider myself to be in a state of flux. I'm married with others. I have no plans to leave my husband, but I am looking and not willing to settle, and neither should being with me mean settling.

My current relationships will evolve and change as time and circumstances do. Most are at some level or another of casual, but they will at any given time vary in a range anywhere from "just friends" to some level of commitment beyond casual. Some things have been put on the backburner, and perhaps they will come to light again or others will come forward and become my focus. I see no reason to update this every time that changes, so I'll leave it at that.


I am protected, and loved. Make no mistake. However, if you really fuck with me, face it. You won't win. I will simply laugh.

Note:      I don't kik, so don't ask.




About Me... a person

I am beautiful, talented, smart, and strong. I'm a multifaceted, primal BBW on a journey of self-discovery. I'm not innocent, but that doesn't mean you don't have to work for it. I have a big heart and an intelligent mind, and am a highly sexual being with a rather active libido when it has the chance to be.

I may seem submissive, or slave-like, because I have been both in the past and have developed both tendencies. They will always be part of me, and to claim otherwise would be a lie, but they aren't who I am anymore. I also have interests which coincide with what many consider to be submissive, and I'm rather passive as a general rule and in my intimate interactions. In addition, my "dynamics" with my partners often tend to appear rather D/s in nature, as I defer to them. I can't "unleash the beast" all the time, though, people.


If you need something to talk about: I love to craft and be creative, write, sing, and play instruments. I also enjoy card games, board games, and play in a Star Trek RPG. I go to Winter War every year since I moved to the area. I love music, movies, and even Disney movies & shows. I'm not a big fan of most cartoons that come out these days, though, or super gory movies, though I do enjoy scary movies to an extent. I do enjoy some Viking and Norse things, with my Swedish heritage, and do own a drinking horn (as does my husband), but have yet to explore that much.

I love animals, and we have 2 cats who are my emotional support animals, but I'd like a dog someday. I'm a big supporter and advocate for victims' rights and welfare wherever I can be. And for those who are interested in discussing, I'm also a believer in the supernatural and paranormal.

Oh, and I have what I call "Oo, Shiny!" Syndrome. Like, look at this sparkly, umm...what was I saying? Oh, yeah!




...and my facets

I have many different facets: vanilla (I hate that word), overall primal, sadomasochist, a shy exhibitionist (I know - weird!), dominant, little, fae, phoenyx (that's how I spell it), pet, panther & kitten, possibly wolf & pup, and even (yes) a little sub and dare I say slave...but right now the latter two are locked away. Some have names, and some don't.


I've been asked in the past how being a shy exhibitionist works. Now I share with you a brief exchange I had with a close friend. I think he rather hit the nail on the head.

Me: How the hell do I manage to be shy and an exhibitionist at the same time, Sir? I'm the one it applies to, and I can't even make sense of it.
Him: it just means that you have to have a certain level of comfort and then the switch gets flipped..


I was recently called a "collector" and possessive. I don't believe in limiting myself. I don't believe in staying with one individual but casting off another. I've done it enough in the past, and won't do it anymore. And..I may be a tad territorial, perhaps, when those I don't like venture into what I think of (primal mindset) as my space, but I am open poly. I just don't like it when people I don't like put themselves in a position where I may have to deal with them or back off of someone I care for. This "stand-my-ground" feeling turns into a territorial behavior.


Lilly (little)

Lilly is my little side. You'll probably see her the most. She doesn't have an age or a range, but she comes out when I regress from depression or excited. She's playful, shy, cuddly, needy, and sometimes super sad. She has an oral fixation sometimes sated with a paci that has a glittery black dragon on it, and loves stuffies, particularly unicorns -- glittery and multi-colored ones, especially.


Lianna (panther)

Lianna is my inner panther. She's wild and tends to come out when I'm agitated. She's aggressive, likes to claw and and bite, and tends to pace. Sometimes I can feel her ears, or her tail.


Violetchat smile (fae)

I'm not sure if Violet is the right name, but she's my fae side and my base. She's bubbly and fun and outgoing. I can feel her wings, sometimes one pair and sometimes both pairs -- or her pointed ears. She only comes out with select individuals, once I've developed some sort of connection with them, but upon reflection not generally those who don't believe.


Lavender (kitten)

Lavender, obviously, is a kitten. She peeks out a lot, with mewing and pawing, but I rarely completely immerse. She's playful, cuddly, and needy, and doesn't like cat nip because I'm not actually cat. She's part of my personality, not my whole being. But shinies and things that move are fair game!


Crimson (wolf)

Crimson, the wolf, is kind of possessive and territorial. That's really all I know about her right now. I think she might also have something to do with my dominant side as well, but I haven't really explored that yet. I'm being mentored by two partners (just started), to explore that.


Nyx (phoenyx)

Nyx only comes out in times of great pain or distress. I fall apart and self-destruct, often withdrawing. I hit rock bottom for a little while, and then re-build my life, like a phoenyx rising from the ashes after burning up. I need some peace when this happens. Sometimes her wings will come out when I'm simply sad, or if I need them. Once, I physically felt the destruction. (That was scary.)


Temptress (siren)

Yes, I said siren. I'm calling her Temptress, because of what someone recently called me. It's true. I've thought of myself as a siren in the past. There are times I will end up with men drawn to me who I really do not match with, and who I connect with but...just aren't what I need or I'm not what they need. In the end, someone usually gets hurt -- or both of us. So, that's my siren. The background Temptress who lures people in with her song.


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- a primal

For starters, I consider myself to be part of a family and a pack, and they overlap.

My family is my chosen family. I no longer have anything to do with my blood relatives, if I can help it. This includes individuals who may not be involved with or knowledgeable about kink.

My pack primarily consists of individuals who are primal. They are the ones to whom I am fiercely loyal and for whom I would go to bat. I trust them. That bond is very strong and dear to me. Usually, these will be partners, but may include select friends.



I'm a spiritual and sexual primal. Primal means I do what feels natural to me and feels good, rather than worry about labels and fitting into someone elses box. A friend who also identifies as primal put it even more simply --

"Primal is like shaking off the restrictions of modern society."

(I would clarify by saying modern BDSM society, but it is a good way to explain it)


I don't necessarily believe in completely keeping sexuality and friendship separate, save for chosen consent and the other person's comfort, and I rarely engage in "making love" -- the gentle sexual acts, though there are times I desperately crave them. However, in general, I just prefer to be wild and wrestle around, bite, scratch/claw. I also truly believe in the manifestations of my various primal facets, that I can feel them as extensions or parts of my physical form, though not visible. If you haven't read the section on my facets, you might want to.

From a spiritual perspective, as mentioned I believe in the manifestations of my primal spirits. I'm non-religious, meaning I don't participate in organized religion. I do believe in a higher being, or beings, and I believe we are surrounded by energies. I tend toward, primarily, stones as my conduit.

In addition, I don't use drugs. I rarely drink. Those highs, to me, are unnatural and undesirable (for me). I much prefer adrenaline and endorphin highs. I don't judge those who use medically, but not around me please.


"I'm not really innocent. But see, I want someone who'll treat me like I am until he gets to know me. Then the gloves are off."

"Engage my mind and win my heart. The rest will follow." ~me, 5/18/16




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If you read my full profile, you will know to reference this in your message:                                  I prefer hobbits to trolls.