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DƐѴĪĿD❤Ɠ_Ṗ❤ƐƬ's Profile

Current Mood: Bored
DƐѴĪĿD❤Ɠ_Ṗ❤ƐƬ (*Desperado, *ShadowHartt)
Male - POky, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single, and looking

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I consider myself to be a very plain-spokenly honest, humble evilish angelic saintly sinner that has a dirty twisted mentality mindset mind and a smart alec sarcastic lewd mouth to go with it to which I use with earnest discretion. Additionally, I'm also a very compassionate, empathetically understanding guy. Who admittedly, at times is can be a bit overly stubbornly prideful however though, 8 out of 10 times my self-effacement humbleness tends to put my pride in check. I have a bad tendency to be a bit overly intense and on razor's edge at times but this is an irrevocable residual side effect of being a Marine. I'm an avid poet, cook, conversationalist, and a humorous sarcastic individual. I openly admit that I am co-owned by a feline furbaby named Bocephus who I call Bobo for short.