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Today 8:36:37 am by Kyrielle in category General
        Party tonight ! Ven'dara ! 9:30 p.m. Eastern Standard time ! Cake, ice cream  ! Free women dance ! Explodie thingies ! Yay !!     Love & hugs,  Kyrielle.  
2 days ago 8:32:33 pm by Kyrielle in category General
Alicia Alonso, prima ballerina, danced professionally well into her seventies. She died today at the age of 98.  More about her incredible career can be found on this link :   Alicia Alonso. An inspiration to all who dance. (One of my heroines)      The Lady behind Lady Kyrielle
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  • amari☰H☰fg: Happy Birthday, Master! i wish You a day of serene blessings.
  • ~ebediyetO~: Happy Birthday Master Cabot...hope you have a wonderful time at your party
  • Iskander¤ÇPØ: Happy birthday
  • Sana: Happy Birthday Cabot! Have a remarkable day.
  • Haigan: Happy Methuselah Day!