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Current Mood: Balanced
Kyrielle (Kyrielle, Just Kyrielle)
Female - *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married

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I am Kyrielle. Lady Kyrielle to be precise.

My  caste is Scribe. 

I am the keeper of secrets....... be you great or not, I keep them all. Because I said I would. 

My Home Stone, my citizenship is of that resplendent city on the hill, Ven'dara, located in the Ven Highlands.

Often I return to the lands of my birth, the wild and beautiful Voltai mountains. There I have  home, lands and my other Office of Scribe.


It is said the quill is mightier than the sword. I have both. Every rose.....has its thorn'

If I must engage in combat, I will do so. To the death. Yours or mine. No in between.  


To that end I stand sublime. Liquid gold rising.  A willowy 6 feet in height.

Inside a woven silver harness, exquisitely crafted, rests a curved double edged blade

24 inches in length, handle to tip. Nesting comfortably between my shoulders.


A quill or several in my hair.



I dance.

Perhaps one day you'll be lucky enough to have a free woman dance for you !