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6 days ago 12:51:54 pm by MadieV~PHY~Gor in category RolePlay
On the island of Tyros, city of Kasra. Will spend a few months on the island assisting the Physicians with exams and wound care. Permission and safety granted by Wamph, who is the City's Ubar. Base is a three room hut on a low cliff that overlooks the main port and is nowhere near vart caves! I have potions for fertility, infertility, vitality, blood purification. Poultices for...
2021-05-09 12:15:28 pm by MadieV~PHY~Gor in category General
2021-04-04 6:57:19 am by MadieV~PHY~Gor in category General
Enjoy the holy day.
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2021-02-16 10:06:47 am by MadieV~PHY~Gor in category News
Many across Southeast Texas trying to get a glimpse of the winter weather Monday witnessed a rare weather phenomenon -- thunder sleet! 12News StormTracker Chief Meteorologist  was out checking weather conditions when he caught the thunder sleet on camera.  And he wasn't alone.    12News got reports across the Golden Triangle about the thunder...
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2020-12-22 9:48:45 pm by MadieV~PHY~Gor in category RolePlay
Does anyone in the Gorean community have a link to a full map of Gor to share? I don't care if the cities are marked or not. Much appreciate it! ~ Madie Veyl of Fort Haskins  
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  • Aaminah of Vendara FW: are you still in buzzen and what area role play or lifestyle
  • MadieV~PHY~Gor: Look for the green door!
  • Kyrielle: Such a beautiful tribute to your Mom, Madie. Happy Mother's Day. Love, Kyrie
  • Haigan: Have a blessed day Doc.
  • Haigan: You're going to see if you got a basket of chocolate eggs!