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Good Morning Friends!

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MadieV~PHY~Gor (Kay, Stars)
Female - 60 years old, Beaumont, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

Posted: 2020-09-06 9:52:58 am Category General Viewed 149 times Likes 6

Today, the skies are clear and blue, blue, blue...with swirly cirrus clouds accenting here and there. No chem trails so far!  I have one cucumber on a vine in the front container. SO proud of it! I almost gave it a name, but I'm gonna pick and eat it later, so....I didn't do that. chat smile I was pleasantly surprised and puzzled that the scale informed Me of My weight loss and even confirmed it! 208.2 That's five down and like, 60 something more to go. Send those good vibes this way, will y'all?  So this morning, I had My coffee on the front porch with the two less feral of the horde of cats that My son has collected. It's gonna be very warm, but thankfully, not as humid as yesterday! Where's that cold front when ya need it, eh? LOL

I hope y'all slept well and woke up refreshed and ready for the day. Today, I wish you all, a fantabulous, sane, healthy, joyful day with family and friends, and stuff!

Love and Laters! chat smile


2020-09-07 10:02:34 am
it's pouring rain here so i amjust sitting upstairs on the laptop trying to stay sane and not so bored,lol. Congratulations on your journey, i know you will do fine Madie
2020-09-07 9:16:48 pm
Hello Beautiful Lady... Hope the day was a good one. The weather here is going from 90's to 20's tomorrow. Wish us luck here in CO!
2020-09-08 6:23:43 pm
Florida weather. Psychotic upstairs neighbor. Overhyped Covid threat. Redneck/good ole boy mentality in effect in surrounding area...for the past 130 years. Wrangled with AT&T for an hour over something that should have taken less than five minutes, but won in the end. Headache from same. What's a 'rotory cup' and how did i damage it? Life's handed me some lemons in the past few months. But i can at least say with all honesty....i don't have any cucumbers to worry about. chat smile