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ṂᾄḋἷἔVἔẏł SC (Ka Rin, Suteuling)
Female - 56 years old, Beaumont, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Divorced

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My Fav RP Standard:

While you are RPing, you should try to remain within your role. When you speak during RP, you should limit your words to what your character would sayYou should not discuss extraneous real-life matters. Save such discussions for Instant Messages, Private Messages or similar such venues. If you wish to openly discuss real-life matters, take them to non-RP rooms or areas. The key is separating the player from the character, not mixing the two. And your characters actions should be governed by that characters personality, not your own. Sometimes a player will not want his character to do some action because the player knows it will lead to negative consequences. But, he should let the character govern what happens. If the character would act, even if the negative consequences will occur, then let the character do so.


~~FOOLS! This is NOT your paradise! This is GOR!~ Madie Veyl chat smile


A Free woman and Scribe. Citizen of Fort Haskins but lives on a large estate outside of the city walls (Veylar Estates). Father was a PHYSICIAN. Mother was a SEAMSTRESS. One known Brother who is a MERCHANT. 

Madie was going to be a Phy also, but the FC which was arranged by Her parents was tragically cancelled at the death of Her parents and the Intended Companion in a raid upon a caravan they were travelling in. Madie, who was raised as typically described in a sheltered environment and was a very reclusive person, decided that it was fate which had taken everyone She'd loved or would love away from Her, and so, would remain an unattached Female dedicated to the community of Fort Haskins, Her homestone and the few steadfast Friends which She is very loyal to.

She successfully petitioned to the Scribe Caste for a position as a low level Scribe, and worked Her way up to amid-level position. She now has a small office in the town of Fort Haskins which She commutes to daily. She also scribes for the Physician Cylinder  on occasion. 

Madie likes to explore...within secure and familiar environs. Rarely will She traverse further than Thentis, where She goes for change of scenery and black wine tasting vacations! When She travels it is with a retinue of Guards personally selected by Her late parents, who cherished the loyal, compassionate,witty yet aloof and private Woman they knew She was. She crochets and sews, knows the FW Dances of the City, and the tasks which Women universally are versed in. She's not great at cooking though, unless She's "inspired". She enjoys fishing. gardening and nature craft.

Home Stone: Obsidian Spearhead of Fort Haskins

Birthplace: Fort Haskins

51.2 Horts tall, 27.73 Stone (approx). Stabilized at age 28.

Anything else you want to know about the Character you may find out in ROLEPLAY, which is why the Character was created in the first place.

Note: IF you knew a past Character of this Typist, keep that as a memory. This character is NOT that one.

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. 



(REALITY Profile)

I LOVE the One true GodI LOVE my parents (bless them both)  I like to read and write stories, sketch pretty things, sing and play music. I like bikes (the pedal kind), motor scooters, work trucks. I like nature even though sometimes it doesn't like me (lol). I like to garden and grow things. I like doing things with my hands. Sometimes, I get into cooking a great cajun meal for family and friends. I like taking walks with my dog, who adopted me, not the other way around. I like laughing and crying and talking through movies, (good or bad ones). I like hanging out on the front porch having deep conversations with just about whomever is visiting at the time. 

If there is anything else you'd like to know about Me, the Typist, ask. I can't guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the answer, but an answer you shall receive.

I love a good story, which IS why I roleplay. Friendship and comradery are treasured PERKS. Roleplayer since I could write. Roleplaying on-line since 1997. Roleplaying in Gor since 1998.

About the Typist: UnAshamed, UnAfraid, UnAbashed AMERICAN! usa flag