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eshani~HoT~Helisto's Profile

Current Mood: Drained
Female - 46 years old, United States
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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This is a Gorean role play profile only.  The picture is not me, but rather one that I think reflects my role play personality.  Role play age is 23, though I am much older in real life.

Current status:  A collared burgundy-silk clad slave in the House of Talarius, Helisto.  Presently sailing aboard the Herlit.

Favorite Quote:  The Perfect Bondage is said to be one man and one woman, the complete master and the complete slave, ideal and perfect for each other’s needs. ~Slave Girl of Gor


May 2019:  Betrayed by those of the Teletus delegation, she was turned over to be enslaved on Helisto, collared to the island and given the name desira.

May 30, 2019:  Her name was changed to eshani, meaning "wish" or "desire," and she was collared to the House of Talarius.

June 16, 2019:  Was given slave-wine again.  Still didn't die.  But almost.  She is unrestricted.


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