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ianthe~UR (ianthe~UR, *)
Female - 45 years old, Wherever my Jarl is, United States
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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**Well over 21.  The picture is not me, but represents my Gorean role play character well.  This is a role play profile only.  Role play age is 23.  Any other information you desire can only be had in the course of role play.**


*She may not serve sexually, though she may serve food and drink in the way of a northern bond.

*Any issues with the slave should be taken to Jarl Uhtred Ragnar via email at  Please include the unaltered scroll.

February 10, 2019:  Collared by Uhtred Ragnar in the city of Kassau.  She wears the iron collar common to bonds of the north, wrought by his hands and engraved with the letters UR.  Current situation:  Kept nude on her Jarl's ship, Daggfin Serpent, bound for Teletus and Helisto.