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Current Mood: Happy
Female - 58 years old, Houston, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single, not dating

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 . I am a crazy Latina Rocker from H-town (Houston) I carry a mean skillet so watch out!  I am here to laugh and enjoy some Relay-Radio Music! Want to know ask!  Rock me eguitar baby blackkissheadbanger.


   I love music as you can guess ... Relay Radio chat smile Live concerts but Covid kinda fucked things up for a bit but they are back again yes headbangerblack_heart.

   I love my sweet fur babies .. unconditional love.

  I love family time- 

Diamond Painting , calligraphy writing and other hobbies.

NY Yankees Baseball  Lets go Yankees!!!  





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~chat smile~chat smile~chat smile

I'm not broken .. im just a little cracked. 

Life has given me alot of shit that's been hard to handle but broken? Nah..




My beautiful Adam chat smilechat smile




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My Queen! chat smile


To Bad So Sad! chat smile



KEEP ROCKING headbangereguitarblack_heart



Mi Gente! Bailamos!  Kick ass song!