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Female - 41 years old, *, United States
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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No this is not me its what i think my roll play self looks like 


I am His in everything

Us against the world 


I DO NOT answer my mail unless your on my friends list

if you have a issue with me send a scroll to my Jarl 

Mortimas  Hulneth


I am NOT to travel alone I have permission to go to one home 


jun/19 Given a black mare by herJarl

july/9/19 collard Mortimas  Hulneth 

july/9/19 branded on the back of her calf Thors hammer 

july/18/19 given silver slave bell anklet 


My Jarl ha given me permission to have 

bone handle ulo 

a bag of money to use for trade and what i need 

a spear and a bow and arrow to use ONLY for hunting