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saTori (cj, s)
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a couple of things, i suppose....

1.  figure out the meaning of my moniker and you will discover a clue as to why i am using it.

2.  determine the typist behind the said sobriquet and you will realize as to the why i am who i am.

3.  as to the reason why i pop in to Buzzen becomes clear when you engage me in conversation.  perhaps doing that will also assist you in ascertaining my interests and all that jazz that comes with making acquaintanceships here on this medium.

4.  a caveat regarding my profile pic.'s not really me.  BUT...not only do i love the expression depicted therein, it's also really close approximation as to what i look like in real life.  if you want the actual, exact particulars, well...i reckon talking with me is a good start.  now whether or not i will actually divulge...well...isn't that but a chance you have to take, hm?  ^_~

5.  regarding the lexicon and verbiage that may be too highfalutin' of moi truly that is peppered throughout this little blurb called a profile....  tough cookies...i do actually communicate in real life conversation as well as chat utilizing the same level of formality as i do herein.  you can always ask for clarification or try to figure out what the hell i'm writing given the context of conversation in the open room or whisper where we are engaged.  good luck.  ^_~

that should suffice for now....  i will append my prattle herein whenever i either find the time or have yet more to jabber about.

post script....  i usually eschew crowded chat rooms for a more intimate milieu.  perhaps that is why i often create a room called "the Shed" and park me keister therein amidst the duration of my time spent on Buzzen mostly.  if you see that room, y'all are welcome to drop in and see about who i am and junk.  HOWEVER comma, i am most likely herein while i am earning my paycheck so sometimes you will see me cupped and seemingly inattentive to what you may have to post in the room.  if you but take umbrage at the lack of greeting from me or any other interaction that is given when you express desire to but converse, feel free to try again at another time or wait patiently.   i will eventually return the pleasantries extended.  even if for the briefest of moments, i will try my damndest to engage with you.  if not, as  aforementioned, Buzzen message is a good place as to either post your grievances about me or any other particulars that comes with the missive.

another addendum....  at the risk of sounding but an arrogant twat waffle that will no doubt be put on blast, let me offer some chat commandments IF you decide to come explore what "the Shed" is all about.... 

A) silence may be golden, but a silver tongue MOST DEFINITELY gets you places in terms of why we are convened in the room, perhaps?

B) a little disclaimer to all those in the Lifestyle and come seeking to fulfill your need herein....  denotation vs. connotation.  despite the limited medium of Buzzen, i wish for y'all in the Life, to differentiate between the two when asserting your status within the Dynamic.  one is a mere, uninspired mimicry of the usual associated buzz words when it comes to the Lifestyle Dynamic whereas the the other is but a heartfelt avowal as to how you truly are despite the lack of overt advertisements in your profile or your introductions to others you come across in the room.

C) playing or "scening" is tolerated BUT do remember that i will erect the room under "Lifestyles" and NOT "RolePlay."  yes, the Dynamic does mean that we indulge in the latter, but it's wholly the former.  it's more than "play," but it's "life."  if you come to understand THAT, i'm sure you won't encounter TOO much problems with moi truly.  others, i can't speak for them, but we're all adults wishing insightful discourse among the idle fun that comes with chat, no?

D) in case the room topic and welcome message is not emblazoned about the room when it gets listed, more or less, "the Shed" exists here on Buzzen to facilitate a rendezvous and conversation about various Lifestyle Dynamics.  whether that may be, but not limited to, BDSM, M/s, D/s, TPE, age play, and a whole slew of subcategories that comes within the scope of Lifestyle Dynamics, it's but fair game to be talked about in "the Shed."  just remember, though, just because you're of one particular Dynamic doesn't always make it the ONLY Dynamic.  if you disagree with the other Dynamic, decorous debate is preferable than puerile judgments as to how bad the other Lifestyles are compared to your own.

E) don't be blind to the forest due to a single tree.  this primarily applies to many who are about seeking their complementary partner in your Lifestyle Dynamic.  derive the meaning behind the trite adage, and you know why it applies.

again...  in regards to me blurb....  more or less will follow as i see fit, so enjoy yourselves.  you know where to find me if you need me.