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bellagirl (*, *)
Female - *, United States
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This is a Gorean role-play profile, please note the IC  (In Character) and OOC (Out of Character) designations below.  


I have discovered again that I am not a slave in my heart anymore - I will not insult those that are by pretending, or bring dishonor to any prospective owner. 


In role-play, all actions are IC - Private messages are OOC unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

Blog posts will be individually notated IC or OOC - the typist who controls these posts has an expectation that all disputes related to them be handled in an appropriate, adult manner.  If not, they will be disregarded in their entirety.  

OOC:  the typist relies on stimulus/response to discern dominance or present submission.  

I will miss you every day Mαɗιє ƲєуƖ ~ SƇR