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Current Mood: Content
Female - 41 years old, UK, United Kingdom
Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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I Deserve What I Deserve and You my friend Deserve what You Deserve 

When I'm with You I'm an addict
And I need some relief, my skin in Your teeth
Can't see the forest through the trees
Got me down on my knees, darling please, oh

I lose control
When You're not next to me
I'm falling apart right in front of You

I'm Me  I can handle my own If You Don't Like It Tough  .

I'm here for a laugh , Fun n Games . No other reason . 

She looked my demons in the eye and smiled .She fell for the very thing i thought She'd fear - Vazaki Nada 

She's Fire and Ice 

You'll Fear the Cold

and Crave the Burn 


I'm a Loyal Gal With A SmartAss Mouth , Crazy Ass Attitude and Sarcasm Running Through My Veins 


She Has Warrior Eyes 

A Restless Heart

And An Iron Will 

~nausicaa Tuila~

I Was Bred For War Darling 

Be It Love 

Or Chaos 

Everything I do 

Is To The Death 

~Dave Wise~


The Real Lover Is A Man Who Can Thrill You By Kissing Your Forehead

Or Smiling Into Your Eyes Or Just Staring Into Space  ~ Marilyn Monroe 

You Always You 

You Consume me 

Your All i Think About 

You Always You 

√зиøм : You know I actually care, ive made it quite abundantly clear that I care, nobody< NOBODY puts in the kinda effort that I've put in towards you iff they didn't care, what a silly thing to say, I been trying to wife you up and make an honest woman out of you since THE FIRST DAMN DAY I MET YOU, i walked into chat thinkin fuck yeah party time lets fuck around and find out and I found out alright, ran into your pommy ass and was like GOD FUCKIN DAMN thats a woman right there, lets see what she's about

√зиøм : You're sorely mistaken if you think I'm too proud to drop to my knees for you at any moment. Only a Queen can bring a King to his knees, but I'd worship at your temple like a Goddess.

🙟Rɑiƞ🙜™ : no im squirting it all over nessie's hot ass





MyNameIsMud : ya could be right donna.

~PoммyBitcɦʮNess™~💜 : sorry Mario

ᴠᴇᴎᴏᴍ : i will give in to you and allow your terms

err0rstotle : i just wrote a quick socket listen from php like d was talking about.. that is pretty useful

ᴠᴇᴎᴏᴍ : I will willingly, without contestation, abide forever and always to the Neasa way.

ᴠᴇᴎᴏᴍ : I am 1000% kidding, I am well aware that you are wildly intelligent and witty and sarcastically clever!! If you weren't I wouldnt be trying so very fucking hard to impress you

ᴠᴇᴎᴏᴍ has been kicked out by ~PoммyBitcɦʮNess™~💜. Reason: You be a good Boi and sit there and take it .... Quietly 

MyNameIsMud : nessie is correct

√зиøм : i was wrong 

√зиøм : im wrong alot 

J o h n : i was wrong

Eyecu : dammit you are right nessie

 MyNameIsMud : ya could be right ellie

~~AATRUEBRONCOSFAN~~ : Teasie you are correct sorry!!!

~BitcɦʮNess™~💜 : ummmm so i fucked up 

~~AATRUEBRONCOSFAN~~ : Ellie was correct

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