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Once upon a time long long ago

there was a young girl

who her mom called Red..

she was called red

cause her grandmother who loved her very much

had made her a long red hood.. 

  she seemed to wear that thing

every where she went.

One day while driving down a country road

she thought to herself maybe I go pay grandma a visit..

it's been a while since I've seen her.

While driving she thought she heard a shot!!

Oh no what could that be??

Then she saw a stranger walking her way.

He looked at her and asked..

if by chance she had seen a buck running by?? 
Uh no sir not around here. 

He kept on going and so did she..

As she drove around the curve

there he was with the buck over his shoulder..

Oh my  she whispered to herself

don't you look good

in them there tight jeans and flannel shirt.

The stranger just kept on walking

heading to his house up on the hill.

She followed despite herself..

she had no idea where they were headed

but she had to find out. 

Suddenly she came to a stop.. 

there in front of her was the buck

all cut up and bloody.  

She looked around

but there was no one there..

Where had the stranger gone?? 

She stepped out of her car and closed the door quietly

hoping no one would hear or see her. 

She could hear water running as she approached a tall pine tree. 
Oh yes she thought to herself yes indeed!!
He was standing under a shower right there in the open..

washing his long

blonde hair

that was usually in a pony tail.

He glanced over his shoulder..

she gasped hiding behind the tree..

to late he had seen her.
"Who goes there he asked?"

"I know you're there

come out from behind that tree."

as he grabbed a towel to cover himself. 

She stepped forward startled..

that he knew she'd been watching him.

What is your name he asked??

My name is Red she replied. 


he asked with a hint of amusement in his voice. 

Yeah you have a problem with that??

  What about you.. she asked?? 

"Yes I am Drew." 

He smiled as he let the towel drop

to his feet. 

Oh my what big

feet you have!!
Yes the better to hike up the hills with.
Oh my what strong

legs you have!!
Yes the better to be able to

jump over the fence when some one is chacing me.



Oh my!!






are like 

real estate

It's all about

location location location



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