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Current Mood: Accomplished
Quin~Helisto~W (John, Quin)
Male - *, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

Updated: 2019-06-05 5:38:57 pm Viewed 545 times Likes 7

I am a Strong Dominate Male...Having said that...I believe that the Dom/sub relationship is one of trust, Love is extra but not necessary, Trust is the fabric that allows a sub to place themselves in the hands of another for structure and discipline, I am Gorean by nature and a Warrior by caste. I am Older than my Adult Role Play Character

On April 20th 2019 I pledged my Sword and my Honor to Helisto...I am head of the Island Malitia and Live in the new facility called The Thalarion Keep, My House is part of the Keep.  My weapons which are  many include a large metal sheild with a circle of spikes 6 inch. long in the center of the sheild, A 30 inch Scimitar Strapped to my back over my right shoulder, 2 quiva on my right and left side, a helmet of steel, and a bola hanging on my right hip.

 It will be my honour to serve Helisto...I am Old, Grumpy and I grunt alot...My sarcasm is sharp and my bark is usually to be heeded as you do not want to experience the bite.....I am old school...If I say I am pleased take it as a High not wait around for praise it is not coming...I am gentle at times I am harsh at not ever lie to me for any reason. I am Quin your most loyal friend or most dangerous enemy....Tal

As of 5/16/2019 I am the Owner of ebony